This is a short list of all of the artificial grass products that we can supply and fit. When we come and provide your FREE estimate, we will have a complete set of samples to show you.

Elite Landscape – 26mm

Price – £16.99 m2

Made with new hard wearing yarn.

This combines real lawn looks with affordability. The use of state of the art UV protected yarn ensures great durability. Suitable for residential, commercial and landscape applications.


Fresh – 33mm

Price – £19.99 m2

Fresh is one of our most popular grasses and for good reason.

The dense fine blade grass looks stunning in homes as well as commercial properties. A UV protected yarn.


Comfort – 38mm

Price – £24.99 m2

Comfort is unbeatable in terms of its soft, dense, luxurious feel.

Perfect for gardens. A UV protected yarn.


Elite Signature – 40mm

Price – £27.99 m2

This product has been a favourite for residential landscape and play areas.

A mixture of  attractive blades of real look multi green leaf and a complex root zone adding density and strength.  UV protected yarn.


Comfort Deluxe – 40mm

Price – £29.99 m2

Soft, spongy and very realistic.

Lush and luxurious, this is our top of the range product for those seeking only the very best. A UV protected yarn.


Sports pro – 24mm

Price – £32.99 m2

A grass specifically designed for sports surfacing.

Uses include multi sports surfaces, schools and council/community areas. Green color but we also sell other colors for infill/lines etc.

Sports pro 24mm

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